A bar of chocolate

I’ve always been a big fan of chocolates. I don’t have a favorite and I like to try all different kinds. However, my preference are European brands. It’s one of those inclinations that never change just because one grew up with them.

When I work on my computer for hours and hours, I sometimes reach the point when I feel like I wouldn’t be able to continue if I didn’t have some chocolate to stuff it in my mouth instantly. Chocolate not only fuels my passion for work – but also gives me a rush of energy, and at the same time feeds my creativity and inspiration. That is my personal experience. I don’t think there’s a doctor out there who would approve behavior like that… lol

Chocolate Stash
Photo “Chocolate Stash” – courtesy of anikarenina

Hence, there is always a variety of chocolate bars stashed in my desk top drawer, and more in the refrigerator, just to make sure I can always express my creativity to the fullest… 😉

What is Your favorite chocolate bar – or brand?

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