April flowers

I enjoy the outdoors very much and this year my front yard is getting a significant makeover. Now that I’m thinking about it – I actually started this project last spring – when I arranged my flower pots diagonally across the lawn for the first time. Then I moved all the planters off the ground by placing them on wooden boxes. That made the mowing a lot easier – and it looked good.

This spring I started replacing my old planters with large new flower containers in bright colors. I’m also experimenting with some new plants. My first give-it-a-try random pick was Cinco De Mayo rose that caught my eyes at the local nursery. So far this beauty has been performing beautifully and it just started blooming for the second time this spring.

In fact, all of my plants are thriving like never before so I enjoy my yard with all the blooming April flowers even more – and just the other someone said that mine are the most beautiful flowers in the neighborhood. Not that it matters what anyone thinks about the way my yard looks – but it did make me smile… 🙂

Here’s a shot I took this morning – of my April flowers in one of the new flower pots.


April flowers - Cinco de Mayo rose blooming for the second time this spring

April flowers - Cinco de Mayo rose blooming for the second time this spring

And – just as a fun comparison – this is what the same blue container looked like about a month ago:

Container gardening helps uplift my mood




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Tony Payne - April 28, 2011

Those flowers are lovely. Springtime is probably my favorite time of year.

Emily Smith - May 5, 2011

Love the post, look forward to reading more.

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