Bad day – or an opportunity?

This morning I woke up in a great mood. I was bursting with exciting ideas for the day ahead, looking forward to do some things that I haven’t done in a while because I was in bed – with a sore throat, headache and fever for a few days.

great day in the morning
Photo of the oil/canvas painting “great day in the morning” – courtesy of siptakg

It was a really pleasant beginning of the day until something sucked me right out of this joyful place – into a state of being annoyed and short tempered – which resulted in me slamming my own index finger with the sliding door.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate to similar experiences – like taking anger out on vegetables and cutting their own finger in the process – or something like that. It is a strong indicator of being very much out of sync – and the best time to chill.

Unfortunately, although chilling sounds like the best direction to take on a bad day, it’s usually not the easiest path to take. And everyone has to find their own way to calm down and relax. There’s one thing I know for sure, though. It’s not possible to jump from a bad-feeling emotional state straight into happiness. The only way is to get to a better feeling place gradually, with reaching for a better feeling thought, and another and another… The process might seem like rolling the golden sphere – and a little bit uphill, too.

the golden sphere
Photo of the gouache painting “the golden sphere” – courtesy of siptakg

But for as long as I have hope that everything will be alright, I can get to that better feeling place – and it doesn’t even matter how long it might take me. Even in the worst of times, having hope is enough to get me through – and to feel some relief.

So – is a bad day really a bad day – or more an opportunity for me to become more clear about what I do want in my life, an opportunity to appreciate all the things that do go well in my life, an opportunity to realize how much I have grown and how much better I have become in handling any situation?

And consequently – if all of the statements from the previous paragraph are true – which they are – isn’t a bad day really a very good day?

Photo of the gouache painting “waiting” – courtesy of siptakg

These were some of my today’s thoughts on life. They came to me as a reflection on the circumstances and events – but were not random. I really tried to stir them in a positive direction, to make myself feel better.

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Ratty - June 1, 2011

Bad days can become good days if we learn something from them, but sometimes I think they’re just bad days.

Allyson - July 4, 2011

Great lover on this site, a handful of your blogposts have definitely helped me out. Awaiting up-dates!

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