Beauty and success

This time of the year most people feel depressed with the weather changes and the days getting shorter. We all crave sunshine and happiness, beauty and success – and they all seem to be hiding some place, just out of our reach.

Luckily, there’s still plenty of positive and beautiful things all around, even when it takes some more effort to find them!

In my part of the world, all the blooming plants are more beautiful than ever, since the sun is not beating down on them all that much any more. Temperatures in 70’s seem to be perfect for humans and plants and my roses are thriving. Every bloom has more petals than all season long, their scent is stronger and lasts longer, and they couldn’t look better.

Perfect rose blooms

Perfect rose blooms

At the same time, there are amazing people out there, with great ideas and following their dreams, working on great project and living a life of success. This video below shows one of those successes, born in a caring community and accomplished as planned:

The Ghirardi Compton Oak has been a piece of League City’s history for over 100 years. The tree stands 56 feet tall, has a canopy that is over 100 feet wide, and is 135 inches around. It also weighs an incredible 518,000 pounds. A county road widening project put the future of the Ghirardi Oak in jeopardy. Council voted to use park dedication funds to hire Hess Landscaping Construction to move the majestic oak. A project that took them just under a month to complete. Watch the incredible process from start to finish in this video.


Thank you, Nicholas, for sending this video to me – it’s always good to see how successful a dedicated team of people can be, when co-creating in harmony with each other.
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Most of all Daria enjoys creating, designing, taking photos of, writing about and sharing all the beautiful, cheerful things and moments. She finds them everywhere she goes. And tons of fun people, too!

Dee - November 6, 2012

What an amazing feat it was to save that wonderful tree and move it out of the way. I am so glad that it was saved and not just sacrificed, as so often happens. To kill a tree that has existed for over 100 years is sacrilege and I hate to see that happen. Just recently near where I live 3 large trees were taken out and I am so disappointed to have seen it happen. There one day and just gone the next, as if they never existed. These trees had such interesting roots that meandered across the top of the ground and did not appear to be encroaching on either the sidewalk or the road next to them.

Clara - November 6, 2012

If only that spirit of cooperation remained with us all the time . . .

Bob Courtney - November 7, 2012

Dedication to a project, a lot of ingenuity and the knowledge necessary to save one of God’s beautiful gifts.

    Daria - November 7, 2012

    I couldn’t put it better myself. Thank you, Bob!! 🙂

Grace Doerk - November 8, 2012

How do you have all the time to create such a wonderful website? It just seems like all this flows along so well with you. As usual, I say keep up the good work. You certainly make your readers happy. Love Grace

    Daria - November 9, 2012

    Writing for this blog is one of my favorite things to do, Grace. And comments like yours make all the research and efforts very rewarding, so, thank you!! 🙂

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