Canna Yellow King Humbert

Ever since I planted three of my new cannas Yellow King Humbert into a large, raspberry colored planter outside, I go there first thing in the morning to see if another plant has sprouted. Three little yellow cannas are now developing their first leaves and make me smile every day. I just can’t wait to see them fully grown and blooming this summer… 🙂
canna Yellow King Humbert - "A Hebraica" Sao Paulo Brasil
Photo canna Yellow King Humbert – “A Hebraica” Sao Paulo Brasil – courtesy of mauroguanandi

Canna Yellow King Humbert is medium sized canna cultivar with green, variegated or purple foliage and yellow – spotted with red blooms, sometimes yellow flowers with large red markings or even red blooms.

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Mauricio - April 8, 2014

Such a pretty plant, I wish I could grow it in my yard and admire the blooms!

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