Chiranian Ally Birthday

Our Chiranian or Pomchi Ally is 4 years old today. She is spoiled and bossy but also loyal and can be very sweet when she so chooses. I never thought I’d have a house dog so after allowing her to become a new member of this family, my life has changed a lot.

Ally taught me how to be more patient and to ignore things I have no control over. She often distracts me from thinking bad-feeling thoughts, climbs in my lap when I don’t feel my best, and barks at me when it’s time to get up from my desk, stretch and go for a walk.

Thank you Ally – we all wish you a very Happy Birthday!! 🙂

Chiranian Ally birthday

Chiranian Ally birthday

Do I get some cake??

Do I get some cake??

This cake is yummy!!! :)

This cake is yummy!!! 🙂

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