Coffee or no coffee?

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No coffee

It’s probably been thirteen years or so since I stopped drinking coffee. At the time it was making me jittery, sick to my stomach or in worst case scenarios – I felt like I was drunk. Until I finally decided that enough was enough and stopped drinking coffee altogether.

Among the people I was surrounded with at the time, my decision hasn’t been kindly accepted, and many of them felt offended by my firm no to coffee. Some others were in such a disbelief that they would serve me a cup despite my fierce explanations and excuses, and were utterly disappointed when I got up to leave – and my coffee cup was still untouched.

Coffee Beans

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Hot beverages

Over the next decade or so of my life I tried all kinds of hot beverages. I tried everything from hot chocolate, cocoa, and for the longest time – chocolate soy milk.

On long trips, driving for hours, I’d stop at the Starbucks and get myself a French vanilla latte with soy milk. That would keep me awake longer. But it only worked for me if I was sipping slowly on one cup throughout the whole day. If I drank it too fast, it wouldn’t agree with me.

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Green tea

And of course I drink quite a bit of green and herbal kinds of tea. More so in winter than during the hot summer days.

Some of the listed hot drinks felt good for a shorter or longer period of time, while the others just wouldn’t satisfy my cravings for something hot, refreshing, tasting and smelling good, that would go with my sitting-at-the-computer lifestyle.

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Coffee again?

Recently I was getting desperate. It’s been a while since I stopped drinking hot chocolate soy milk every morning. I tried to fill the void with drinking more green tea but that didn’t help either. Something was missing. A hot drink I could sip on for a couple of hours while working. Something with a strong taste.

And then I had a brainstorming discussion with my friend Thalia – about a nutritional project we decided to work on together. She is an expert in this area so I mentioned to her my missing hot beverage dilemma. Her instant response was,

“Why don’t you just try black coffee? Brew a cup every day, drink it black, with no sweeteners, cream or milk, make sure you eat something first, and you should be fine!”

I have to admit her answer was a bit of a shock to me since I’ve decided all those years ago that I’ll never drink coffee again. But there’s a funny thing. I’ve always adored the aroma of the freshly grounded or freshly brewed coffee – even during all the years of coffee-abstinence.

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After doing some more research on actual benefits of drinking small amounts of dark roasted, organic coffee, and after giving the whole idea some thought, I decided to give it a try.

I stopped at the health food store and bought some organic coffee beans. My coffee grinder has never been used for grinding coffee before so I had to clean the remains of grounded flax seeds first.

The next thing was – I haven’t made a Turkish coffee in so many years I wasn’t sure I can still brew one properly. But all the worries were gone after the first try. My first cup of black coffee had no pretty-looking foam on top. And I didn’t like the taste very much since I’ve never in my life drank my coffee black.

Don’t tell Thalia, but I actually added a quarter teaspoon of brown sugar into my first cup of coffee. The next day, however, I started liking the taste, and a week later I can’t believe I was able to survive without a cup of black coffee per day for so long.

Turkish Coffee

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No more cravings!

Today I am happy to report that my refreshing-hot-beverage cravings are all gone. I still drink my mineral water and a few kinds of tea. But a cup ob freshly brewed black coffee is the highlight of my day! 🙂

turkish coffee

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Doroteja Perse - September 21, 2012

Wow. Well I’ve stopped drinking Turkish coffee and now I only drink organic Arabica ground coffee (the kind you can’t buy here, but in Austria) for breakfast when I have a craving for it. So one cup 2-3 times per week. Coffee really has lots of benefits, and as with any other food it’s about moderation.

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[…] you for the cup of aromatic Turkish coffee I’m sipping every […]

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