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I’ve had some funny experiences with electronics recently. More precisely, my some of my electronic devices have been playing tricks on me.

My good friend and passionate astrologist would very likely explain to me that that’s the retrograde Mercury showing off its powers – and I just might check into that possibility – or maybe I shouldn’t .

But let me share some instances that amused me recently.

First, my netbook crashed – for no apparent reason. In almost a year I’ve never had any troubles with it – and then it just stopped working – with a screaming sound. Two days later it was working again and everything was normal.

A couple of days later I was on the beach – with a nice collection of my electronic devices to do some work – and nothing worked – for one reason or another.

Two days ago – my laptop stopped working. My son gave it a few tries to fix it and he had no success. Finally, he found the way for me to retrieve the files on hard disk and I was able to move some of them to my desktop computer, using flash drive. Anyway, today my laptop is working again like there were no glitches whatsoever.

On top of all that, my dishwasher stopped working and I’ve been hand-washing the dishes for the first time in a long time. But I refuse to even become upset about that. I expect the dishwasher in my kitchen to work again some time soon. Until then, Erik and I will practice washing the dishes right after we use them – and be more aware of another something to appreciate.




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