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English: The village of Reine in Lofoten, Norway.

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Until this morning I knew nothing about the shooting tragedy in Norway. To sleep well and not drive myself crazy I stay away from the news. It is my belief that when there’s something I need to know, it will somehow find its way to catch my attention.

On our way to his college classes, my son briefed me on the latest events.

It makes me feel sad that so many (young) people had to die in one person’s fight against whatever was bothering him. To me, the Oslo attack is also another proof how force is no way to solve problems. And that pushing against something just brings more of the same…

However, the story below explains my point of view in the best way. Eye for eye philosophy creates a never-ending circle of hatred and revenge. And I can definitely think of lots of better-feeling thoughts and emotions to dwell on.

A young Palestinian man was found in Israel; he had a bomb strapped to him. And when it detonated, it didn’t detonate properly and he was wounded. But he did not get the triumphant results that he was seeking; he did not blow himself up and the people that were around him. And so he was captured. And when the newsman was asking him, why did you do this? He said, “They killed my friend and I wanted to die.” In other words, it was that simple: “They killed my friend and I wanted to die.” We think that those pure and simple words speak to this (Middle East Crisis) more clearly than all other words that have been spoken. It is that feeling that you’ve done this to me, so I’ll do this to you, then you’ll do this to me, and then I’ll do this to you. And what happens in that is: It just gets bigger and bigger, and bigger. And no one ever wins. There is no triumph that ever comes from any of that.


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