Feeling sublime

Have you ever in your life met a person that represented everything you were asking for?

Feeling sublime

Feeling sublime, reaching for the skies

Or maybe you’ve walked into a house that was the perfect home you were looking for… or maybe you’ve test-driven a car that felt like a dream-come-true vehicle?

It so happened that I had a chance to re-live this uplifting feeling yesterday – when my son and I went to see an RV/motor-home show in Tampa. But let me start at the beginning.

My son has always had an incredible imagination. A few days ago he was telling me about his recent and very unique idea of what kind of house he wanted to build for himself. The next day someone told me about the RV show – which made me realize that this would be a perfect place for him to get some more creative ideas. So we went.

On our way to Tampa he was all excited about some technical news and was explaining them to me in great detail. Since I’ve never been technical, and his biggest interest at the moment is rocket science, I have to really listen to what he is saying so I can even participate in the conversation. To put it mildly, I have to admit he really knows how to challenge my mind…

One sublime moment

One sublime moment

When we came down to I-275 with a lot of traffic and I had to start reading the signs since my GPS was directing me to another entrance to the Florida Sate Fair Grounds than I wanted to take, I had to actually ask him to stop talking until we got there. He did, no offence taken. 😉

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated times and times again – about how well the space in trailers, motor-homes and yachts was used – while at the same time the interior design was very visually pleasing, without looking cluttered or too busy. We checked out a lot of trailers and motor-homes and in many of them I’ve found details that I liked.

My son found two motor homes that he thought were perfect and I walked into one that made me say, “Wow…” I just couldn’t stop smiling because everything about that home on wheels looked perfect to me – and in that moment I knew that that was what the ‘sublime’ felt like – and reminded me I’ve experienced that glorious feeling before. I want to feel this good again, soon – or even better, as often as possible!

Harvest Dance

I’m writing to you today because our first dance of this season is just around the corner – on Sunday, November 21, 2010. We’ll start serving food at 12 noon and our polka dance with DJ Jack of All Star Entertainment will begin at 2 pm. This event is a little bit different from what we usually offer at our hall on County Line Road in Spring Hill but I sure hope it turns out to be a lot of fun for everyone who attends.

DJ Jack will play the familiar music, there will be food you’re used to eat at our Lodge, I’m working on the hall looking a bit different this time and promoting this event online and in the newspapers to spread the word wide and far. If you know someone who might be interested, please let them know. Everyone is welcome!

Find all the details about our first dance of the season by clicking on the link below (it opens a new window):
Schedule of events for the season 2010/2011

One more reminder

For anyone interested, you are still (and always) welcome to join our Wednesday line dance classes with Catherine Feil. They are fun and everybody learns from her.

Wishing you many sublime moments and sending you smiles,


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