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In Central Florida’s wide variety of temperatures, including some record-lows during the last two winters, it’s been a challenge to find plants that could perform well during the summer, no matter how humid and hot it might get – but still survive some unusual cold spells – down to 10 degrees F.

The one plant I’ve been having success with – ever since I’ve moved to Florida in 2004 – were roses. I have all different kinds, from hybrid, long stemmed to tea rose and floribunda. And since they are all performing great, eagerly coming back after the cold winter and abundantly blooming until frost, I am more and more excited to try some new kinds of roses – and different colors.

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Photo of Flower Carpet White rose – courtesy of Heidenseek

So I was looking around online and stumbled upon the carpet roses. They are described as low growing rose bushes, disease resistant, bloom in abundance from spring to fall, and require no spraying and pruning. This description definitely captured my attention because during the last seven years of gardening in Florida I’ve learned that highly delicate plants do not survive here, no matter how well I care for them.

Flower Carpet White was a Gold Winner in the prestigious 1991 All-Deutsche Rose Trial of Germany (ADR). The ADR is considered by many to be the premier international rose trial. Roses are judged six times annually for three years in nine test gardens throughout Germany. Evaluated for flowering, general appearance and ease of growing, with special emphasis on natural disease-resistance and overall performance with no chemical spraying or dusting.


Flower Carpet Rose - White
Photo “Flower Carpet Rose – White” – courtesy of tesselaarusa

All the claims above are very appealing but what totally enchanted me was the following description: Flower Carpet White rose petals fall to the ground in a “snow” effect. That sounds like a fairytale to me – especially here, where we have no snow. I so want to see this white rose snowfall – hence, I ordered the plant and placed it in the front yard where I can watch it from a few different windows when I’m inside the house. I can’t wait to see the first bloom!

Other features of Flower Carpet White rose:

  • by many considered to be the most disease-resistant white rose available
  • has a pleasing fragrance
  • retains beautiful, snowy-white petals even after exposure to the rain
  • an easy care groundcover rose, simple to grow and easy to maintain
  • self-cleaning – no deadheading (removing of the spent flowers) required
  • only once a year (inn late winter or early spring) cut the plant back to 10 inches – to invigorate blooming
  • trim to shape any time of the year
  • water well and feed with time release rose food, high in potash

Morning garden survey
Photo of White Carpet Flower Roses – courtesy of rainyday*knitter

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Gavin - February 6, 2012

You are a taresure…I thought Id have to give up my love of antique and old bourbons roses since I recently moved to Fla from NY…but youve restored my enthusiasm to get started again despite what the natural planting soil is down here (sand??)…my community is well inhabited so I dont understand rabbits eating my first attempt at roses…right down to the ground…so now Im starting a few in big pots…so far so good…thanks for your true and tried comments…thats just what I needed. Also appreciate your sources on the unusual..what do you recommend for perennials down here in the colors of pink & purple? thanks for all your input.

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