Four quick updates

After weeks of summer-like weather and drought we finally got some rain. I was so happy I left my car in the driveway to have some dust washed off. Even all of my outdoor plants now look more alive again… 🙂

A friend of mine stopped by and brought me a bag of World’s Finest Chocolate candy. When she was driving away, she rolled down the window and teasingly said, “You just want me to stop by so I bring you some more candy…” She made me laugh. It’s So good to have friends and I sure am blessed with having some incredible ones in my life!

In regards to the SNPJ business I’m asking for some help and/or cooperation this time.

  1. On Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 10 AM we’re cleaning up the the front yard of our hall. If you have a couple of hours, please join us. Make sure you bring gloves and dress appropriately. I hope to make the place look nice and clean and weed-and-trash-free before the first dance on November 21.
  2. If you have about 15 minutes of online time, please visit the webpage below and finish the survey about events at our Hall. Your input is important, valuable and appreciated. Thank you!! 🙂 To get to the survey page, click on the link below, it opens a new window:
    Suncoast SNPJ Lodge 778 survey

  3. On Wednesday, November 10 at 2:30 PM the line dancing classes with Catherine File are about to begin. Everyone is welcome and tell anyone who might be interested. Admission: $3.00
  4. Our schedule of events has been updated, more details and another day added. Please check it out by clicking on the link below:
    Spring Hill Lodge 778 schedule of events

That’s all for today. Take a good care of yourself because only when we feel good we do the most good for others as well. Or at least that’s the case with me.

From my heart,


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