Down the rocky roads

I’ve been down some rocky roads recently – and so busy that on some mornings I don’t even know where to start, what to do first…

Rocky Road
Photo “Rocky Road” and comment above – courtesy of Myles Smith

But since I’ve learned to be more selfish (meaning: caring more about how I feel) – I go for the fun stuff first. And then I think of new ways to make the rest of the things I need to do – fun.

However, I have yet to invent the way to make everything in my life enjoyable and until then – I’ll still have moments when I feel powerless or stressed out, or sad. That is not at all to my liking because I much prefer to be in charge of my life.

But this week, when my dad’s long-time life partner, Marija, passed away – after becoming really ill and being too weak to withstand any medical treatment, I really didn’t feel like I was in charge. According to my sister, my dad is in a rather fragile shape himself – and news like that just plain hurt me.

I went out and got a pretty rose, one for Marija and one for my father. After her passing I lit a candle, I sat down and tried to think of all the fun times we spent together. And I keep sending my most loving thoughts to my dad.

Rose for my dad

Rose for my dad

Rose for Marija

Rose for Marija










Yet, even though the things I do might be all the more powerful than an act of kindness, they sometimes feel like they are not sufficient – at all. Despite the fact that that’s all – and the best – I can do at the moment…

Be that as it may be, I managed to accomplish some of the projects that were on my work to-do list. And that always makes me feel good because I really care about what the things that I put my name on – look like. I’m talking about the webpages, of course.

The first and the biggest one is my first real travel lens, which I warmly recommend to anyone: Those, who have never been to Europe, as well as those who have been there before, and to everyone who knows (or not) Tony and Ann Klepec. If you’d like to check out what they’re up to next, click on the link below – you will definitely enjoy what’s there for you to see:

downtown Ptuj Slovenia with Ptuj castle
Photo above: “Downtown Ptuj, Slovenia – with Ptuj castle”

My next big project was a page about this past Slovenefest. It gave me quite a few headaches but I finally built it to the point where it was finished enough for publishing, even though I was hoping to have more photos and videos included.

Unfortunately, many videos would not get uploaded, no matter what I try, one of my computers crashed and I temporarily lost thousands of photos and who-knows-how-many videos. Thankfully – with the help of my son – everything was recovered. But it’s still on my computer and not on the internet.

Anyway, to see my new page about celebrating the Slovenian heritage, click on the following link:

When I clicked “publish” button for the third time, this is what appeared online – you might want to take a look:

That, I think, is all for today. My big research on Slovenians in America and Slovenian heritage is still in progress. If anyone has any old photos to share, I’d be more than happy to include them on one of my pages. I could even include stories of your predecessors – immigrants to this country. Contact me if interested.

In the meantime, I keep getting together with this wonderful group of people almost every week – for dinner or at one of the dances around the area – and I just appreciate them more than they even know. They help me forget about the rocks on the road for a few hours – and like me just the way I am. That makes me feel SO blessed!!

You, too, be blessed and happy as often as possible, enjoy your friends and loved ones, and whatever else makes you feel good.

From my heart,

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Most of all Daria enjoys creating, designing, taking photos of, writing about and sharing all the beautiful, cheerful things and moments. She finds them everywhere she goes. And tons of fun people, too!

Anne C Gombocs - August 12, 2011

Another wonderful blog by Daria. I enjoy reading all your messages. Nice idea to have the jam sessions. Good luck

    Daria - August 12, 2011

    Thank you, Anne, for your friendship – and everything else! 🙂

Nick - August 12, 2011

Thanks for video’s of the Slovene Festival in Pennsylvania in 2011. I think I saw Gloria dance by. Oh, I wished that I knew about this so I could have attended.
Thank you for sharing your blog!
See you in November.

    Daria - August 12, 2011

    Slovenefest happens every year: same time (second weekend in July), same place. You can start planning right now to attend next year – and I just might catch You on one of my videos – dancing by… 🙂
    Look forward to seeing you around Florida again this fall and winter!

Evan - September 16, 2011

I actually found your site through a list on a different site, and have enjoyed perusing several of your articles. Though Down the rocky roads | | Daria's World – blog about things that deserve my attention because they make me smileDaria's World – blog about things that deserve my attention because they make me smile has been my favoriteso far! I have added your rss and aim on coming back to see what you post about next.

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