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I’ve been juggling with writing, laundry and phone calls all day long. Most of these things I’d really like to finish today because I have to go to a meeting tomorrow but life just seems tough for me when I run out of chocolate.
The last chocolate I had were two bars of dark chocolate I received as a gift from Slovenia. One had raspberry and the other one had orange pieces in it. They were the best dark chocolate ever! I better go down to that European store in Pinellas Park some time soon and stock up on some chocolate bars – or I won’t be accomplishing much until I do.

Last night, when I was searching for Anything sweet (in my case that’s a sign of desperation!), Erik told me to drink a soda. In reponse I almost threw a fit – like a three year old – saying, “I don’t want a soda, I want chocolate!” Tells me it’s not the sugar alone I’m craving – but something more magical that I only get from chocolate.
Wales Beach Magic

Photo “Wales Beach Magic” – courtesy of @Doug88888

By the way, I might be using the word ‘magic’ a lot today because I just finished reading a book about some modern witches. It was very entertaining, sometimes hilarious, and I very much enjoyed the kind of magic these characters practiced. Nice love story, too… 🙂

Lots of content today again. To make things simpler, there’s a table of content above. Click on the title to scroll right where you want to go on this page. It took some research to pull this one off – but You’re well worth it! 😉

Hotel discounts

I’ve had a meeting with a nice lady at the Quality Inn in Weeki Wachee the other day. This hotel is located on US 19, right across from Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, the only place with live mermaids in the world. I was able to take a tour of the facility with a nice courtyard, pool, bar and decent rooms.

Quality Inn in Weeki Wachee, FL

Quality Inn in Weeki Wachee, FL

I left with a contract for 15% discount for each one of our events from now on. The magic words to get a discount are: Slovenian American Dance. To make a reservation, call 352*596*2007


Quality Inn
6172 Commercial Way (US-19)
Spring Hill FL 34606

Website: Quality Inn by Choice Hotels, Weeki Wachee 

Upcoming events

  • WALTER OSTANEK and  BOB KRAVOS, Saturday, January 28
  • Third JAM SESSION DANCE, Wednesday, February 1
  • FRANK MORAVCIK, Sunday, February 12
  • LINDA HOCHEVAR – MAGIC BUTTONS, Saturday, February 18
  • Fourth JAM SESSION DANCE, Wednesday, March 7
  • SPRING FESTIVAL, Friday – Sunday, March 9 – 11

For details and complete schedule see:
Suncoast Dance and Party Center 2012 Schedule
by clicking on the link above.

For reservations, call Daria at 727*753*9631


Web related

In my previous writing I promised some more web-related tips. My intention was to touch one topic at the time but in the meantime I received some repetitive questions via email and in person so I’ll do my best to cover all the most pressing issues right here.


Let me make one thing clear. I don’t think there’s such a thing as an unbreakable password. There are skilled hackers out there and a very sophisticated software that can check an incredible amount of possible combinations every second.

But there’s no need to make their job easier by using the following as your pass to any online account:

  • word “password”
  • your name, last name or birth date
  • the name of your street, home town
  • and similar

Some basic tips on creating not-so-easy-to-break password:

  • use a combination of different  (not repeating!) numbers, lower and upper case letters
  • make your password longer
  • avoid using common words
  • the strongest passwords include punctuation marks and spaces

Of course, if you create a new pass following the suggestions above, you also need a system to memorize or save it some place secure.


The most important thing:

Even if your passwords are not all that complex, it still helps if you have a different one with every online account.

Day 91 - Passwords

Photo courtesy of Jun See



There are plenty of computer antivirus programs for Windows operating system out there. Some are free, others quite pricey and the most popular ones are: Norton, McAfee and AVG. I tested every one of them and they all work. But when I sit down behind the desk and start using my computer, I don’t like any interruptions of file-scanning programs asking me for permissions or giving me pop-up reports.

And that’s the main reason I like Avast antivirus software better than anything else I’ve ever downloaded for security reasons. The basic version is free and seems to be sufficient for most people. In case you feel kind of paranoid about the Internet security, however, do pay for a paid version. This is one of the things that’s worth the investment – but only if it will make you feel better!

Now, if you have an antivirus software installed already and seems to be working for you, skip the rest of this sub-chapter. There’s no need to fix what’s not broken.

In case you don’t have an antivirus program, follow the instructions below. Or – if you’re not sure how to download and install new software, ask someone who does, to do it for you:

  • go to and download your desired version of antivirus anti-spyware program
  • do register your newly installed program with your name and email address

Once the Avast is installed and activated, every time you start the computer. a green window will pop up in the right-hand bottom of your screen, letting you know that your antivirus software has been updated.


The most important thing

It is crucial to keep your security software up to date at all times. Therefore, whenever a blue or a red pop-up appears on your screen, click on it and update to the latest version. Re-register when/if asked. That’s all.

Antivirus Protection

Image “Antivirus Protection” – courtesy of Tilak Bisht


Slow loading videos

There are many possible reasons why your computer could all of a sudden become slow. I’m not going to even try to cover them all but in most cases your computer doesn’t need to go to the repair shop because of that.

Most obvious sign of your computer slowing down is a lagging video. You click on play, the video starts playing, then it keeps buffering, playing a little, and buffering/loading again.

The problem could be temporary – because of the slow internet connection (insufficient bandwidth) or maybe your Internet cache (Temporary Internet Files Folder) needs cleaning. I can’t tell you how to do that because that’s different with every browser and operating system. But you can most likely find the instructions at:
Indiana University website 

If, on the other hand, you start noticing advertising pages – or even porn pages (those you weren’t searching for… lol) popping up on your screen, your computer is most likely infected and you better check “Antivirus” sub-chapter above.

An instant solution to slow video is to simply pause it (click anywhere on Youtube videos) – or click on the pause (||) button. Wait until video loads all the way and then click play again. Your video should play smoothly all the way through.

I hope that helps.
HD videos

Photo “HD videos” – courtesy of yogaxl


New officers at the Suncoast Dance and Party Center

In my previous newsletter I forgot to mention the elections and the new (or reelected old) officers:

  • President: Catherine Feil
  • Vice President: Nezka Novak
  • Treasurer: Ed Klasa
  • Secretary: Grace Bouma
  • Public Relations: Daria Perse

I was told that besides everything I’m already doing my “PR title” includes pruning the trees and bushes outside. I think I’ll make a suggestion at the next meeting to rename my volunteer job to ‘Public, Trees and Bushes Relations’ – or something like that… lol

Photo courtesy of Tracy27


Guess what?

I found an almost empty, forgotten bag of Christmas cookies in the pantry. You know, the ‘Lebkuchen’ in German, ‘medenjaki’ in Slovenian, or ‘gingerbread cookies’ in English. The kind that last for ever. They are half way covered in chocolate and greatly helped me get through the writing about web-related stuff.

Boy, was I happy! 🙂

That’s all for today. Make sure you never run out of whatever quick-refuels you – and make sure you look for some magic in your life – every single day.

From my heart and chocolate-less,


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Most of all Daria enjoys creating, designing, taking photos of, writing about and sharing all the beautiful, cheerful things and moments. She finds them everywhere she goes. And tons of fun people, too!

Joe Fedorchak - January 23, 2012

Daria: Keep my chair “Warm” as I still plan on being there in March. Might even get to see ya in Samsula, if you make it. Have not been there in years.
Take Care: jofo1

    Daria - January 24, 2012

    No worries, Joe, your chair gets warmed up every time we have an event at our hall! 🙂 And, yes, I’m thinking about going to Samsula, too.

ed klotz - January 24, 2012

thanx for the update and your comments.

Oscar Knezaurek - January 24, 2012

Hi Daria
I am coming for Feb. 16 dance. Yes I am a jamer but I can make a short floor show with my clarinet ( 3 jazz nombers providing the band can back me up ) What do you think ????????

Virgil Baker - February 7, 2012

Daria: Looking forward to seeing you and all of the jammers in March.

    Daria - February 7, 2012

    We’re very much looking forward to hear you jamming at our hall, Virgil! 🙂

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