Happy Easter and Welcome Spring

Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.
~S.D. Gordon

When I still lived in Slovenia, Easter has always been a very visual, colorful symbol of spring in my eyes. Florida is different because we’ve had a beautiful to hot spring weather for about two months already. And tomorrow morning I’m going to the nearby organic farm to get me a big bouquet of blooming sunflowers. It’s my way to celebrate my birthday – to treat myself.

By the way, I did the same for Valentine’s Day. I went to the florist shop, picked up some flowers, Erik said ‘Happy Valentine’s’ – and that was it. I prefer not to feel sorry for myself whenever possible and always look at the bright side of my life.


So, my Easter and birthday is going to be happy-busy. I am about to go dancing on Saturday and on Sunday my son is taking me to Home Depot and/or Lowe’s where I can buy some more plants and planters and then we’ll go out for dinner.

It’s very important to do things we enjoy, every day. That’s what makes my life meaningful, that’s what makes it joyful and worth living.


There are things that I don’t have in Florida and I outright miss them sometimes. Like white Christmas, and spring flowers that only grow in colder zones.

But I pretend I have Christmas lights (on blue background) every day. If I lay down on my bed and look out the window, there are long needles of the pine trees outside, swaying and sparkling in the sun like tiny Christmas lights.

Zvončki / Snowdrops

When I miss “trobentice” (I don’t even know the English name for these tiny yellow spring beauties), I go and find some nice images of them. The same with snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, certain flowering trees and other plants I’ve been enjoying and admiring where I was born.

I am quick to adapt to the new places and fast to call them my home – because I always look for beauty – no matter where my life takes me. I don’t mind changes – I actually enjoy them – and when certain people drift out of my life I know that I am about to meet new kind and brilliant individuals, who will be fun to have around – while they will enjoy my company.

Narcise Gradina - 03 aprilie 2011

So, to me Easter is a new beginning – definitely, because winter tends to slow me down – an opportunity to grow new flowers and meet new people, to appreciate and enjoy all the wonderful people I know already, to see the life from a fresh perspective and more than ever – follow my bliss – follow my heart – follow my dreams.

The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances.
~Robert Flatt

Happy Easter everyone!! 🙂


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Most of all Daria enjoys creating, designing, taking photos of, writing about and sharing all the beautiful, cheerful things and moments. She finds them everywhere she goes. And tons of fun people, too!

Grace Doerk - April 22, 2011

What an array of websites to visit. Daria, you have no idea how much your websites give me a lift, especially the one about flowers and the statement that when people drift out of your lives, new ones come along. I love flowers, and I have them all over in my house. If the fresh flower on my kitchen table dies, it is quickly replaced by another fresh flower. It will take me days to go through the rest of websites, but I know that each one I will enjoy just as much. Wish we could have shared our birthdays and Easter together. Love Grace

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