Happy Valentine’s Day

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There’s one thing that I’ve always internally known – ever since I can remember my thoughts and ideas I had as a little girl – that we’re all unique and that each of us human beings has to find their own ways to feel good, to be happy, to express themselves.

Throughout the years, when my personal journey took all kinds of ups and downs and twists and turns, I sometimes lost this valuable insight and instead did numerous things to please others – or to simply fit into a certain group that seemed important at the time.

To be honest, that didn’t work too well. The more effort I invested into making one person happy, the more others around me had been throwing impossible expectations my way. It took me a while to gain clarity – that the only worthwhile way to live my life is to be myself. Because only at times when I feel good and happy I am able to benefit others as well.

So, my dear friend of the last fifteen years or so, Natasha, you are even more right than you realize. Since “our times” I’ve changed so much that sometimes I can hardly recognize myself. I’ve learned to open up my heart, to be me, to share my thoughts and express myself in different ways. And the most astonishing to me is that I don’t feel vulnerable any more while doing so.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

For years my heart was supposedly-safely frozen – I was afraid to get hurt again – and now I feel more alive than ever, my heart once again radiating infinite love and appreciation for all the wonderful things in my life. To me, every day is a Valentine’s Day, meant to be thankful for every one, every thing and every thought and memory that makes me feel better, that makes me smile or teleports me into a day dream – no matter what’s happening around me.

Life has been so much more fun ever since I’ve started looking for beauty and joy everywhere I go. There are more happy people in my life than ever before and everything just keeps getting better and better.

Whether you’re reading this or not – I wish you the the happiest Valentine’s Day ever – and many, many happy moments, no matter if you’re spending this time alone or in your lover’s arms, no matter what the date or the time of the day might be. There’s infinite love available to each and every one of us, just open up your heart and let it flow through you…

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