Hornet Achievement Award

I picked up my son from school this afternoon and in his hands there was a rolled-up piece of paper – a Hornet Achievement Award.

When we were almost home he finally said, “Oh, I got this highest honors award. I don’t know if you want it or not.”

“Of course I want it – why wouldn’t I?” was my reply.

“Because it’s just a piece of paper. I threw all the others away!”

I was getting irritated, saying, “And why would you do something like that?”

Erik didn’t have to think about the answer: “Because this is only meant to bribe you into buying me something. But since having straight A’s is an expected norm in our family, that doesn’t happen. I guess that’s the problem with having two exceptional older sisters…”

Hornet Achievement Award

Hornet Achievement Award

That explanation really made me laugh. At the same time, I feel very proud of my son that he keeps up his grades for other reasons than for being (materially or financially) awarded by me. It was another one of those ‘wow’ moments. Children just have so much more to teach us (parents) – than we could ever teach them…

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