I give up

Last night I had a very strong urge to give up. I suddenly became very tired of pushing toward certain things that I so Do want in my life – and pushing against some others that I so Don’t want in my life.

Hence, here’s my statement: I give up, I give up, I give up, I give up!

I think there were four things I was able to think about – that had been wearing me out for quite some time and draining my life energy. Four concerns that I want to let loose. Four things that I choose not to think about any more – or dismiss any thoughts about them if they happen to return. Four things that I decided to let go and let God…

The most astounding result of my decision to give up was an instant feeling of relief and freedom. It made me feel so light I could fly, it made me smile, it made me happy!

I always enjoyed being unique and different and for the last few years all I ever want is to be myself and follow my heart. That takes some practice but I’m getting better every day – and loving it!! 🙂

So, one last time – I give up on all the things beyond my control – once and for all…

Be Unique!

“I recently took this photo in the South of France. I was walking in a huge sunflower field and I saw that flower on the left, different, special, unique!”

Be Unique
A poem by Katie Gabrielle

Be yourself
And just be you
follow your star
And sunflower too
Golden rays
From sun on high
Be unique
Stand tall and proud
Be yourself
Don’t follow the crowd
Happiness is a sunflower field
Full of color, hopes and dreams

Photo and comment above “Be Unique!” – courtesy of Ben Heine

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