Images of love

These are two images of the new puppy – Ajda (pronounced “I-dah”). She is very loving and lovable German Shorthaired Pointer – and more than happy to follow directions. On the photos below Ajda looks totally comfortable and perfectly content with her new owner – a perfect image of love.

Ajda - feeling comfortable and infinitely trusting

Ajda - feeling comfortable and infinitely trusting

Ajda sleeping

Ajda sleeping

And some of my random, good-feeling thoughts on the topic of love.

What does love feel like?

  • Love feels like joy.
  • Love feels like appreciation.
  • Love feels like trust.
  • Love feels like fun.
  • Love feels like happiness.
  • Love feels exciting.
  • Love feels like anticipation.
  • Love feels like interest.
  • Love feels like being (very much) alive.
  • Love feels like being more than I’ve ever been before.
  • Love feels like expansiveness of who I am.

What does love feel like to you?

You’re more than welcome to add your comments below!

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blueyes - May 18, 2011

I have a Pointer too 🙂 Mines A LOT older though – she’ll be 13 this August. It’s funny looking at your pup verses mine because her muzzle used to be solid brown and now there is sooo much grey. Mine also has more brown on her body. Did you dock your pups tail? I left mine alone, it is just for cosmetics if you ask me so she swats me a lot.

Doroteja Perse - May 21, 2011

This dog is adorable, and pretty well-behaved, too. Also, that patch of brown on her back looks like a vest. 😀

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