Laminate flooring installation

Beautifully installed laminate floor

There's no such thing as a perfect floor covering for every house - or even every room in the house. They all have their advantages and drawbacks.

And just like every living space serves a different purpose, people also have different tastes and that's probably the reason we have such a wide variety of floors available these days.

Laminate flooring is one of the newest inventions and became popular very quickly, for many reasons. ​

Beginning laminate flooring / Before

Beginning laminate flooring

Finished laminate flooring / After

Beautifully installed laminate floor

What is laminate flooring?

In the United States also called floating wood, laminate flooring is a synthetic product, manufactured in layers - and fused together with the process of lamination.

  • The bottom layer serves the purpose of resisting the moisture and to provide solid foundation.​
  • The inner core is for enhanced stability, water resistance and increased durability.
  • The next, image design layer is carrying high resolution picture design of wood or stone - along with the floor's unique texture for more realistic appeal.
  • The last, top layer, is also called wear layer and safeguards your laminate floor from fading, scratches and other usual wear and tear incidents.

Dining room before - with carpet

Empty dining room with carpet flooring

Dining room after - with laminate floor

Dining room after - with laminate flooring

What does laminate flooring look like?

Laminate usually imitates quite realistic look of real wood or natural stone, with its looks and texture. Therefore it comes in a wide variety of shades and textures.

According to manufacturers' recommendations it is an optimal flooring solution for nearly any area, except for those with excessive moisture.

Hallway before - with carpet

Hallway before

Hallway after - with laminate floor installed

Hallway after

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What are the benefits of laminate flooring ?

  • durability
  • cost effectiveness - comparing to natural wood or stone flooring
  • relatively easy to install
  • can be installed over almost any existing floor (except carpet)
  • versatile
  • visually pleasing
  • fade resistant
  • resistant to growth of bacteria and mold
  • easy to maintain
  • convenient packaging in 4-foot strips or tiles in variety of sizes
  • no need for acclimation for the laminate floor to accustom to a new environment's pressure and temperature 

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