Miss SNPJ 2012 Pageant

Since I’m not a big fan of beauty pageant competitions, I didn’t stay around to see the entire Miss SNPJ Pageant Talent presentation on Friday. I only watched a part of it – to get a feeling for what it looked like.

However, I did catch five of the candidates for Miss SNPJ 2012 later – and asked them to pose in front of my camera. They were more than happy to do it. All of the girls looked very nice – and happy.

Five candidates for Miss SNPJ 2012

Five candidates for Miss SNPJ 2012

That has changed after the crowning on Sunday, however. There was disappointment and some other, not-so-good feelings. I heard some comments myself – by the candidates and observers.

Anyway, it is my opinion that there’s no need to compete for who more beautiful is. Instead, I try to see and appreciate beauty in everyone.

Although I didn’t always understand that, I invariably knew that one’s true beauty comes from within, not from the outfit, hairdo, jewelry or makeup. And over the last few years I’ve been amazed over and over again – how beautiful people look when they’re dancing and having fun, when they’re feeling happy.

There’s a special glow about them and that’s one of my reasons for promoting and preserving Slovenian heritage, traditions and happy music.

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