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Now that I’m done with my breakfast which consisted of multi-grain-spelt-flat-breads with some butter and delicious apple butter, I’m sitting outside on the deck (or maybe that’s porch?), sipping my usual morning mug of hot chocolate soy milk , writing.

I haven’t done any writing in quite a few days and by now I started to really miss it. And yet, I’m facing another challenge today: a pretty humming bird keeps coming back to the humming bird feeder a few feet away, catching my attention and making me smile – every single time… 🙂

Humming Bird Photo “Humming Bird” – courtesy of willyteephotography

For about a week now I’ve been very fortunate to be able to enjoy the pleasant summer weather and environment of the Enon Valley in Pennsylvania. A friend of mine was kind enough to let me use their trailer for as long as I like and that’s something I appreciate more than words can say.

My days here are entirely different from my usual Florida every-day-life. They start with an-hour-long morning walk which I thoroughly enjoy. The air is cool and fresh, it smells of woods and summer blooms, the breeze feels enlivening and the birds sound like they compete to out-sing each other. The blooming lipa (linden) tree is buzzing with all the bees, collecting their share of pollen – and a few days ago the two blooming wild (horse) chestnuts were intoxicantingly scenting the area around the lake.

Horse Chestnut 04
Photo “Horse Chestnut 04” – courtesy of Denmead Man

I talk to my son on the phone every day. He was supposed to be here with me but just before the school year was over, he decided to take some college classes over the summer and stay home. This will be the longest we’ve ever been apart and I’m trying to get used to the idea of what my life might look like in two years from now – when he goes to college.

Erik assures me all of my plants at home are still alive and everything is fine but he admitted yesterday that it’s not all that easy with me being away. My guess is that everything I usually do around the house is becoming a lot more appreciated by the hour.

Blooming Purple Echinacea in my front yard. Photo was taken before leaving on my trip up north.

Blooming Purple Echinacea in my front yard. Photo was taken before leaving on my trip up north.

I’ve been busy (in most enjoyable ways) ever since arriving to PA. While attending several events, I met quite a few new and fun people, became friends with my neighbors at the trailer park, had a chance to eat at Sterle’s, Slovenian restaurant in Cleveland – and reunited with some of my Florida friends. I even managed to drink too much at the Gostilna one night – but don’t tell that to anyone… lol. My stomach wasn’t too pleased with me on the following day.

In only a week I’ve already experienced several memorable things but there is one I’d very much like to share with everyone – and that was the concert of Perpetuum Jazzile a capella group from Slovenia. I am So glad I arrived here on time to be at the concert they had in Imperial.

I managed to take two videos at the concert. To watch a video, click on the link below:

Photo “Robin” – courtesy of ali stewart

The other day I met a politician and we had a discussion about the philosophy of life, success, politics and similar topics. He liked my perspective and said that he would gladly have me as his secretary or help me get into politics because I would be good at it and people would like me.

I’ve heard this kind of suggestions before (and tons of others) so I usually just laugh at them. I’ve known for ever that I can be good at anything I choose to do but at this point in my life all I want to do is – to follow my heart, no matter where it takes me.

Photo “Chipmunk” – courtesy of morn83

If I only have one more day to live I’d very likely dance another dance, sing another song, smile watching one more bloom and butterfly and bird – and send out one more of these emails – telling you how precious every moment in life is and how thankful I am for all the wonderful people I met.

I love being happy, I love to laugh and wishing you the same: May you be happy – and love and laugh a lot. If you haven’t had a laughter today yet, here’s a joke about Slovenians. I found it very funny:

Until next time – from a place where the birds rule,
from my heart,



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Most of all Daria enjoys creating, designing, taking photos of, writing about and sharing all the beautiful, cheerful things and moments. She finds them everywhere she goes. And tons of fun people, too!

Grae Doerk - July 4, 2011

Hi Daria–I am so glad that you are enjoying the summer. You have some fantastic pictures. Keep enjoying the summer. Grace

Jeannette Humphrey - July 8, 2011

Daria: Enjoyed your webpage. Your pictures are so beautiful. I know the campsite is busy right now with Slovenefest. We could not make the trip up this year but already planning for next. My sister and I plan a trip to Slovenia in September.

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