Mood and weather

For many years of my life I had to look out the window – first thing in the morning – to see what kind of mood I was going to be in that day – depending on the weather. No need to emphasize, I assume, that only the sunny conditions made me smile.



At the time I lived in a valley, surrounded by high hills, which meant that the clouds usually came and hung around for a while – and the fog would block the view for about half a day from early fall to early winter. It really wasn’t the best place to be – and depend on the good weather to be in a good mood.

These days, finally, I have better ways to keep up my good mood – as often as possible – and for as long as possible.



First of all, my first thought every morning – after I wake up – is devoted to a wonderful day ahead. You know how they say that happiness is a choice?

I think that’s true – and everyone has an option to choose happiness as their preference – in any moment of any day.

Second, I make sure to think some pleasant thoughts while falling asleep. I seem to wake up into the same mood from the night before. That means, worries in bed are an absolute no-no.

What about you?

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samlou - September 25, 2011

You definitely remind me of myself! My mood swings according to the weather as well and rainy days just give me a foul mood while sunny days are a joy because of its seemingly infinite possibilities of things to be done. However, unexpected experiences can occur even on days with a thumderstorm. This i learnt when I found small joys in life when random strangers on the streets actually share their umbrellas to shelter me from the storm. Small acts of kindness does go a long way in life!

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