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Right after slamming my index finger with the sliding door, I was in a lot of pain. You’ll probably think I’m nuts but I actually finished outside what I intended to do – before my slamming accident. So I dumped some kitchen scraps on the compost pile and some recycling water on one of my flower beds – while I felt like screaming.

Then I finally walked back into the kitchen and had to sit down because I felt sick to my stomach. Throbbing pain got me on my feet again. I moistened a kitchen towel, filled it with crushed ice and wrapped it around my injured finger. That brought me some relief and that’s when my son walked in.

I told him I pinched my finger so he thought I pinched some skin, not closed the door with my finger right where it was not supposed to be… lol

Anyway, I kept the ice on for as long as it felt like it was having some effect. After that I didn’t do anything for quite a few hours. In the evening, my finger started throbbing again. It felt numb and it looked swollen and purple. At that point I remembered Anja and her story.

Anja was my favorite beautician in Slovenia. She is a master of what she does (facials and massages) and after all these years she still asks about me every time she sees my mom. I remembered that Anja had a teenage client who got bruises all over – after getting in a fight with another kid. Gently massaging the bruised areas, Anja made bruises disappear in a very short time.

Right away I knew that the same procedure could only benefit my finger’s swelling and bruising. So I started lightly massaging my index finger, using some massage oil. I don’t know that it did any visible difference – but it did feel good.

Later still, I remembered all the essential oils I always keep around and realized that surely one of them must be beneficial for swelling and bruising. Well, that was a good hunch because not only one – but four of the essential oils from my bathroom cabinet were listed as bruise and swell recovery aids:

  • rose hip oil
  • lavender essential oil
  • German chamomile essential oil
  • lemongrass essential oil

A few hours after I started using these, interchangeably, I can already see the difference. The swelling went down and above my nail, where my finger looked purple, it now only looks red.

Larry sent me an email in which he explained how kissing my finger should help. He was taught so as a child. So I did kiss my finger, a few times, not just once – and it did help a little… 🙂 Thank you for your advice, Larry! And thank you to everyone else who asked if I was OK.

I’m always fine – and everything always works out for me!

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Ruth Read - June 1, 2011

LOL, I love the kissing the finger. That really did help as a child.

    Daria - June 1, 2011

    It’s still working, Ruth – I tested it myself… LOL

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