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Last night I all of a sudden started shivering, having a fever. I took some marshmallow herb, bee propolis and bee pollen and went to bed. Then this morning, to get ready for the day ahead, I took a long hot bath. I added a lot of baking soda and some lavender essential oil into the bath tub and relaxed. Drank a lot, took more herbs and bee products and I felt good. I managed to accomplish most things on my to-do list, had lunch with a couple of friends, wrote a few posts and another newsletter – and hours later I’m still up and running, to spread some more cheer.

The most exciting thing that happened to me today, though, was an email I received this morning from Bonnie Diczhazy at Squidoo. In short, she let me know that I have become a Squid Angel, with power to bless (thumbs up) or ding (thumbs down) Squidoo lenses: “Welcome to the Squid Angels Program. Your assigned Squid Angel neighborhood is: Fashion and beauty > bath and shower…”

I know I’ll enjoy reading and researching lenses in the beauty neighborhood and I’m already looking forward to bless as many as possible – as often as possible. I also started my online diary, titled:

My Life with Angel Wings – Squid Angel Daria’s Diary

in which I intend to journal my life as a Squid Angel.

Squid Angel Blessing

Squid Angel Blessing

My favorite time of the year, spring must be right around the corner since the sun was shining straight into my eyes while I was sitting at my desk late this afternoon. For the first time after months I had to close the blinds to see my laptop’s screen.

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