My new neighbor, Mrs. Gopher Tortoise

Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus)

Image by Mary Keim via Flickr

The new ranch-style house nextdoor has been vacant for a long time – at least a year and a half if I’m not mistaken .

Since nobody is taking care of the property – for the second summer in a row, the whole lot is overgrown with weeds – almost as tall as the one-story house.

I still remember the beautiful, tall and healthy pine trees they cleared out for the lot – before they started building the house. At the time I felt like crying but then I remembered that they had to do the same thing to build the house we live in – clear considerable part of the woods out – and from that moment on I just avoided to even look much in that direction – hoping that some nice people would move in some day.

Vacant house nextdoor, overgrown with weeds

Vacant house nextdoor, overgrown with weeds

This week, however, Erik noticed the yellow sand flying in the air – from between the two white sprinkler poles on the side of the property.  It wasn’t much of a surprise that our Chiranian Ally was barking a lot due to this unfamiliar activity – much too close by for her taste.

Florida Gopher Tortoise nest on the nextdoor property

Florida Gopher Tortoise nest on the nextdoor property

We soon found out that the cause of this disturbance was a Florida gopher tortoise, digging its nest – most likely to lay eggs in it.

We met Mrs. Gopher Turtle before. She was coming around for some time, it seems to me like she was searching for a new home for herself and her new baby tortoises. I’m glad she found a good spot and we all promise not to disturb her new family in any way.

Florida Gopher Turtle and Chiranian Ally

Florida Gopher Turtle and Chiranian Ally

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Shengkay @ Postcard Lover - July 19, 2011

Hi Daria!
thanks fro dropping some love in my postcard blog..
love that tortoise…
have a nice day!

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