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I am not usually the one who makes New Year’s resolutions and then stays upset year-round because of not achieving any of my most important goals. However, at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 I did make some changes in my life.

First, I changed an empty room in my home into a new office. After I’ve been using it for a few weeks that proved to be a great decision because I enjoy it and now for the first time my creative space is totally separated from everything else. It kind of puts me into the right mood. As a result, I’ve been extremely productive lately, accomplished way beyond expectation many projects of mine.

Then, I did write down some things that I could do better at and sofar I’ve been paying attention to them. These are more self-improving/spiritual-growth kind of resolutions that will take some time before they turn into habits.

And last, I bought some new and cheerful rugs and shoe racks. Nothing big but all these little improvements make a noticeable difference in the quality of my life.

Life seems to mostly be about many small things – and appreciating them. Any home improvements make the whole house look different and more beautiful and I certainly enjoy that.

It’s the same with people. Every new person I get to know and interact with, brings something new into my life; fresh perspectives and different experiences. Life sure is colorful and I like it this way!! 🙂

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