New York, Charlotte and Atlanta

I’ve heard of people who make it one of their top-of-the-list rules in life to never drive across the George Washington Bridge in New York during the rush hour. I’ve been across that famous bridge twice in the last year or so. And fortunate enough to experience it from two entirely different perspectives.

New York from George Washington Bridge - Photo: Daria

New York from George Washington Bridge – Photo: Daria

The first time I’ve been driving. The traffic on GW was lightning fast on that November day, to the point when it felt scary since I had to really watch where I was going and everyone else seemed to know the area really well, and enjoying their speedy moving through it.

My second opportunity of getting to know the GW Bridge happened this summer. I was a passenger this time and we happened to be stuck in New York traffic for about three hours or so. That would be no fun – but I had a chance to take some photos. Before I even snapped the first one, I named my collection The New York Sky.

 New York Sky - Photo: Daria

New York Sky – Photo: Daria

While I’ve never wanted to live in one of the big cities, their skylines utterly fascinate me. Admiring them for the first time, I often wonder how it’s possible for the skylines to grow so perfect, since all those tall buildings were being added over the long period of time.

I’ll never forget the first time I drove through Charlotte, NC, at night. It seemed like the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen in my life. So much so that I was fighting a very strong desire to just stop on the highway and watch for some time…

Charlotte skyline, Charlotte Again

Charlotte skyline, Charlotte Again—jacreative (

And that’s why I took and alternate route yesterday and purposely drove through Atlanta, GA. It was a few minutes after four in the afternoon so the rush traffic was just about to begin and for about half hour I was stuck in a slow moving traffic.

But I didn’t mind that at all. That gave me some extra time to enjoy the views of the city – and to take a few quick photos of Atlanta Sky this time. I had a great time! Besides, the whole time while driving through Georgia, the sky was exceptionally beautiful, so blue with those colorful puffy clouds that keep changing their forms into the most inspiring 3D shapes.

Atlanta, Georgia - Photo: Daria

Atlanta, Georgia – Photo: Daria

Life is beautiful. Every time I decide to look for the beautiful, happy things around me, I find plenty of things to appreciate, and many reasons to smile. And it doesn’t even matter if I’m in New York City, stuck in a traffic jam on George Washington Bridge, in Charlotte, or Atlanta… 🙂



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ruth - July 12, 2012

Nice sunny outlook on life! I love that you don’t mind being stuck in traffic. I don’t mind it either. Suprising what we can see when we slow down in life.

I love that you always look for the beauty around you. I have read a lot of your posts, and that is what I notice, you always look for the best in everything.

Keep going down that road of beauty, love, and truth. I’ll meet you you there!

Grace Doerk - July 13, 2012

I enjoy reading about the things that make you so happy. You take beautiful scenery pictures. Hope you will enjoy more trips throughout the United States. Grace

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