Newsletter 2012

Newsletter 2012 by Daria

Newsletter 2012 by Daria

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  • Premier A Slovenian Basketball League
    The Premier A Slovenian Basketball League. 1. A Slovenska Košarkarska Liga. abbreviated as 1. professional men’s basketball league in Slovenia.…
  • Military of Slovenia
    The Military of Slovenia consists of the Slovenian Armed Forces also Slovenian Army officially Slovene Slovenska vojska SAF SV.…
  • Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
    The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Slovenska akademija znanosti in umetnosti sl SAZU is the national academy of Slovenia.…
  • Slovenian Railways
    Slovenian Railways Slovenske železnice SŽ is the state railway company of Slovenia created in 1991 from the Ljubljana division of.…
  • Slovenian Ice Hockey League
    The Slovenian Ice Hockey League is the highest level ice hockey league in the country of Slovenia Championship is open only to Slovenian teams.…
  • Slovenian wine
    Slovenian wine is wine from the Central Europe an country of Slovenia Viticulture and winemaking has existed in this region since the.…
  • Slovenian cuisine
    The Slovenian cuisine slovenska kuhinja is not uniform but diverse and influenced by the diversity of Slovenia n landscape and.…
  • Socialist Republic of Slovenia
    The Socialist Republic of Slovenia Slovene Socialistična republika Slovenija about the Slovenian independence were passed by the Assembly.…
  • Music of Slovenia
    littoral culture. Croatia n and Northern Italian music from the regions close to Slovenian border also bear some resemblance to Slovenian music.…
  • Slovene American
    Slovene Americans or Slovenian Americans ameriški Slovenci literally American Slovenes are citizens of the United States of Slovene.…
  • Slovene
    The terms Slovene or Slovenian may refer to The Slovene language a South Slavic language mainly spoken in Slovenia. mainly living in Slovenia.…
  • Culture of Slovenia
    Slovenian country music File Slak lojze. jpg Folk musician Lojze Slak musical expression not only in Slovenia but also in Germany.…


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