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Lately I’ve been very excited about my new project. A while ago I decided to do some research on Slovenians in America but it took me a while to form the picture in my mind about what to do with the results of my exploration.

Once my vision was formed, I got so enthusiastic about putting things together that I didn’t even sleep much lately, I didn’t have time to put any makeup on – or pick the earrings for the day… lol

The ideas kept coming one after another and I had to sit at one of my desks and kept typing, looking for new pictures and study some books and websites.

And while I was doing all these things it all of sudden crossed my mind that I should ask You for some old pictures of people – early immigrants or newcomers to this country. With your permission, I’d be very honored to include/publish them on one of my webpages about Slovenians in America. There is the whole series of them in the making already – and I’ll let you know when they are published – ready for public viewing.

Please contact me if you would be willing to share with me some old photos or written materials that might shed some light on the topic of early settlers.

And since I have to get ready to get out (good for me so I don’t stay glued to this chair for the next who-knows-how-many-hours again!) 🙂 – just one more announcement for today.

If you’re anywhere in Florida – or plan to come down here before Saturday, please join us at Spring Hill Hall for Suncoast SNPJ 778 next dance with BOB KRAVOS, THE BOYS IN THE BAND & WALTER OSTANEK. The weather just turned gorgeous again and the music will be great, as you should know without me telling you that.

Last but not least, if my information is correct we have our beloved and much appreciated chef Richard back to whip up all the tasty foods that will soothe all the hungry tummies.

Find all the details about this Saturday’s event by clicking on the link below. It opens a new window.

Suncoast SNPJ Lodge 778 in Spring Hill, Florida – Schedule of Events

Sending you sunshine,

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Joan Rees - January 19, 2011

I’m Slovenian on my Mothers side……………her maiden name was BABIC. All my aunts made Potica and I wish I knew someone who made Strukle.
I have been to the SNPJ. Bobby Kravos comes from the same area in Ohio (Painesville, Mentor, Chardon etc) that my Mother and her family were from……….and my cousins know him well.
As you can see I own a Travel Agency and have visited the city and the house my Grandfather was born in. I also have some posters that I will try and bring to the Club one day.

medical transcription - January 23, 2011

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