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Last night I started a new website devoted to visual arts (seems to be another of my addictions). I already have a big art blog Arted 4 Life which started as a team project and went really well until both of my team mates drifted out of it, the hosting servers got hacked and I lost a lot of content – especially images which are the most important part of an art blog… 🙁

I didn’t give up on my first art blog, but it was designed for extensive posts which take several hours to put together. So I came up with this new concept for an Eye Candy Arts blog with short – one image per day posts.

Anyway, I started this new art website last night, stayed up until early morning, slept for three hours and felt so anxious to go back to work on my blog, that I’ve been up since about 4:30 and I haven’t stopped since  – it’s getting close to noon now. All that after I’ve been in bed for a week with kidney infection.

In the meantime I started craving my usual morning cup of hot chocolate soy milk. So I went to the kitchen downstairs, put the pot on the stove, and came back to my desk. Some of you might be laughing already because you know what followed. My soymilk was boiling on the stove for almost an hour – but at least I didn’t destroy the pot this time… lol

Just to be clear – I seem to be addicted to putting new websites together and visual arts – and I don’t even know which of the two addictions is worse!

My point is – if anyone is looking for an employee, they should hire someone with as much passion for work as I have, that’s for sure!

Also, that was once again one of those Daria-style mornings when I have to laugh at myself – loud, and over and over again… 😉 Life is beautiful, isn’t it?


Me and my mom in Pittsburgh, PA

Me and my mom in Pittsburgh, PA




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