Railroad vine – pink flowers of Florida beaches

Do you often walk down the same path and discover something new every time?

Railroad vine closeup - Photo: Daria

Railroad vine closeup – Photo: Daria

It keeps happening to me on that beach at Frank Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I don’t go there too often but this place never ceases to offer some new sights every time I walk around.

Railroad vine, Railroad-Vine

Railroad vine, Railroad-Vine—homeredwardprice (Flickr.com)

This last Sunday was exceptional. First I met the most brilliantly colored bird in my life and then I discovered a patch of railroad vine flowers above the rocky area of the beach.

Railroad Vine Hangars Beach at Patrick Air Force B…

Railroad Vine Hangars Beach at Patrick Air Force B…—Rusty Clark (Flickr.com)

Railroad vine is a perfect plant for sandy areas of Central and South Florida, where nothing else would grow. Its leaves are evergreen and leathery, and its pink flowers downright showy. Growing on the dunes along the beaches, it prevents the beach erosion. The vine got its name from growing in a straight line. In the video below there’s one that grew 107 feet long.



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