Reflections in the water

I remember times when I was interested in museums, art galleries, theaters and many more worldly things where so many people spend their time and seek joy. Nowadays, however, I prefer to spend my free time in nature. That's the place where I can stop the momentum of my busy thoughts easily, while seeking the beauty in details most people's eyes and ears miss.

Bodies of water always equaled charm to me, therefore it's no surprise I spend my outdoor time on the shores of rivers, streams, lakes and seas - whenever possible. About a year or so ago I fell in love with Florida rivers. There are so many of them and their springs are entirely different from what I was discovering and admiring in Alpine lands. Although I immensely enjoy seeing new places, being in awe with the colors and flora along another river, I keep returning to some of the rivers nearby, over and over again.

Convenience is not the only reason a handful of close-by rivers never cease to attract and amaze me. In my eyes, they are different every season, every month of the year, even every day. They remind me of myself. They are recognized by humanity by always the same name. They are born at the same place. And yet, they follow their own chosen path, and they meet different flowers and birds every day, a different sky admires its face on their surface every moment... :)​

Brilliant blue of the sky in the water, by Daria Perse
Reflections in the water, by Daria Perse
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