Following is the list of upcoming events with Cleveland-Style/Slovenian/Oberkrainer/Alpine kind of polka music in Florida.

Note: Bands that play the kind of music mentioned above - anywhere in Sunshine State are more than welcome to submit their gigs to be added to this schedule. The same goes for event planners. Add an upcoming performance by using the submission form located below the schedule.

Upcoming dances

Past events

Jam session

Jam session at Slovenian American Club - Suncoast Dance and Party Center on October 3, 2012
Photo: Daria

Bands and event planners submission form:

Let us know about your polka music event to be added to the schedule by using the form below. All fields are required.

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Most of all Daria enjoys creating, designing, taking photos of, writing about and sharing all the beautiful, cheerful things and moments. She finds them everywhere she goes. And tons of fun people, too!

Grace Doerk - March 9, 2015

Dear Daria–I enjoyed your article as always. You sure know how to change your disposistion from feeling sad to be happy. I marvel at that, as I have a hard time getting out of depressed thoughts.
I am so glad that you are involved with the polka music. There is nothing like it to cheer you up. Your granddaughter is precious. Enjoy every minute with her while you can.
I just hope that someday we will have a chance to meet again. Love Grace

    Daria - March 19, 2015

    Thank you for your comment, Grace, it’s always precious to hear from you!

    I’ve learned (the hard way!) that the only way worth living my life is to focus on happy, beautiful and funny things. So, whenever life serves me lemons, I keep looking for some sweeter fruits – while drinking lemonade… lol

    And I agree with you about the polka music, it’s so energizing that now and then I can’t help myself but get a “polka fix…” 😉

    I also hope to meet you some time soon again somewhere, anywhere down the polka road! Sending you and Otto much love…

mr & mrs Oberle - March 9, 2015

thank you daria for promoting polka music

    Daria - March 12, 2015

    You’re more than welcome, Mr. & Mrs. Oberle. It only makes sense to promote something that’s meaningful and keeps me smiling and energized, wouldn’t you agree?

Anne Gombocs - March 16, 2015

Glad you are back. always enjoyed your articles.

    Daria - March 19, 2015

    Thank you for your time spent reading my stuff, Anne. I’m glad you’re still interested. Maybe one of these days I’ll see you at one of the dances listed above?

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