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Very unusually for this area, we have another gloomy day and no sun Sunshine-State proverbial sun-shining. I actually consider asking a couple of snowbirds that just arrived down here for the winter – if they had accidentally brought their Cleveland sky with them… 😉

And although this doesn’t seem like a cheerful introduction to my today’s post, I actually feel happy. I’ve learned not to let the weather affect my everyday mood – a long time ago.

I made that decision after I realized one morning what the beginning of my day looked like. I would get up, walk to the window, open the blinds and looked outside for an idea what mood I was going to be in that day.

Living in a valley, surrounded with hills and mountains meant fast weather changes, fierce storms, grey and foggy fall season, and long and cold winters with a lot of snow. Not really an environment that triggered heartfelt ‘thank you for the perfect weather’ first thing in the morning. Not too often, anyway…

So I realized I had to look for something more reliable to feel thankful for, to anchor my attitude and the way I feel to.

After giving the matter quite a bit of thought I discovered that the secret was in finding happiness in small things. Each of us has little things in their life that are easy to love, easy to appreciate, easy to enjoy. With some practice, I’ve trained myself into looking for those.

Beautiful red berries after the first frost in Richmond, Virginia

Beautiful red berries after the first frost in Richmond, Virginia

Hence, on this gloomy day that makes me smile with its persistent grey uniqueness, I sit here in my flannel pajama, feeling all cozy and comfy after the delicious breakfast I made myself, typing on my computer some thoughts that are the driving force behind using this keyboard and expansion of this website, and pondering upon simple thank yous to so many things that I greatly appreciate in my life.

This morning I’ve already had some great conversations with people, very dear to my heart, I’ve listened to some very emotional music I enjoy – while singing along. Since composing this post is taking longer than planned, the sun came out in the meantime and that alone is worth praising to no end…

And the fun part is, the more I focus on small pleasing stuff, the more fun my life gets – and that’s the direction I prefer my life to go!

Keep smiling, all is well – thank you, thank you, simple thank you… 🙂

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