Slovenska Pristava, Harpersfield, OH

On Saturday, July 2, I visited Slovenska Pristava in Harpersfield, Ohio. It was the muggiest day ever with hardly any breeze and no shade where we were sitting – and still – I was more than impressed with the place.

Everything is clean and well maintained, the new hall looks beautiful and so does the new pool. The music by ansambel Veseli Begunjčani and all the people I met speaking Slovenian, made the whole experience really special.

A week ago (on Father’s Day) there was a big celebration of 50 years of Slovenska Pristava and 20 years of independent Slovenia. I heard the place was packed. For the sneak peak of what was going on, see the video below.

Slovenska Pristava is – without a doubt – a place I want to visit again, soon.

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