The last photo

That day Gloria walked into the Hall saying, “We have to take a picture. We’ve been together to so many places and we didn’t take a good photo of the three of us!”

As unusual as that was, I had no objections like I normally would (I’ve never been a big fan of posing in front of the camera) and someone took the photo below with Gloria’s camera. It turned out to be the last photo taken of Dave.

Daria, Dave and Gloria

Daria, Dave and Gloria

When we were at the ICU unit at the hospital only a couple of days later, and a nice lady reverend came to pray with us while Dave’s physical life was coming to an end, Gloria wanted me to say a few words like others did. But I just couldn’t. There was a knot in my throat preventing any words to surface.

And if I could speak – there were only two things that I would want to say: “It was an honor to know you, Dave, and a pleasure to spend some time in your company. Thank you…”

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