The most beautiful rain ever

Just when some hopeful thoughts – how I couldn’t think of anything better than some rain – were going through my mind, it finally started raining. Nice and steady rain drops were falling down and I couldn’t be happier!

Standing inside the garage with the door opened, I was watching how every drop dried up instantly on the surface of the hot concrete. A few hours of rainfall like this would make all the difference. It would be really nice if it rained for a few hours…

Beautiful flowers in the rain
Photo “Beautiful flowers in the rain” – courtesy of sonykus

Already, all the trees look bushier and greener, refreshed and very cheerful. After this, the grass will start growing again and all of my plants will get watered for me – from the sky… 🙂 Also, my allergy will hopefully go away completely and my Chiranian Ally will fully enjoy the outdoors again. What a beautiful life – with the most beautiful rain ever!!

Photo “rain” – courtesy of lanier67

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Ratty - June 1, 2011

All of those things you’ve described are exactly what rain is for. It washes away all of the things that become a little too much.

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Aqeel Ahmed Khan - September 6, 2011

I have no words to say, so beautiful.

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