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This feels difficult for me to talk about – that I’ve been through some very challenging times lately. And then, probably like most people, I reacted by thinking and talking about some things that I now wish I haven’t wasted any time on. Because those thoughts didn’t make me feel any better… they made me feel hurt and vulnerable instead.

I really have no intention to put you into any shade of blue mood here. The only reason that I am sharing my personal stories with you is to make you laugh – and maybe once in a while you are able to recognize my experience as your own lesson learned – and appreciate it because we hopefully don’t have to go through it – ever again.

Yesterday I wanted to have a cup of chocolate soy milk. It’s my way of treating myself, especially when I’m working a lot and anything chocolaty gets consumed in large quantities around here (by me). This time of the year I prefer my beverages warm so I poured some into a small pot and put it on the stove.

A minute later, my son and I started doing some online research and I forgot all about my sweet treat, warming up. To make this over-heating story short, let me just admit that one cute little pot got burnt to the point where I had to throw it away…

When I told my good friend Ruth about that, she was really laughing out loud, saying, “That poor pot of chocolate. I would love LOVE love some good chocolate right now…”

And when I think about it, it looks like all these small (and big) accidents happen to me when I’m thinking any kind of bad-feeling thoughts. If only I remembered right away to cancel or delete them, instead of allowing them to take over my life, even for the shortest period of time…

I consider myself a very fortunate person -for there was another lesson learned here by me, thanks to this last adventurous time of my life. Realizing that I do have a choice in every moment, I will from now on pay even more attention to speak out loud only from my place of feeling good.

And finally, one morning I woke up well rested, renewed and energized – just being my real self again. What a relief that was… thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 🙂

Back to Suncoast SNPJ Lodge 778 business.

Landscape cleanup before the new season starts

There’s still more yard work to be done in front and around the back of the property so I will be looking for some volunteers very soon – or before our first affair – Harvest Dance on November 21, 2010.

Anyone with some yard tools – or just willing to help in any way – will be more than welcome to join the Landscaping Party. Together we can make the place look really nice. Thank you in advance if you consider to participate!! 🙂

November Board meeting

Our next regular board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 3, 2010. All are welcome to attend, insured and social members alike. There is plenty to discuss and vote on so join us for the regular business meeting at 11 AM.

Useful resources (click on the links):

That’s all for today. I hope you all have a beautiful autumn season, in appreciation of all the good things we all have in our lives and if not dancing, at least feeling cheerful while listening to some happy polka tunes.

Many blessings to You,


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Catherine Feil - October 29, 2010

You write so well. Keep it up.

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Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

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