The Villages – Golf Cart Capital of the World

Although I know quite a few people who live there, I’ve never been to The Villages, Florida – also known as the Golf Cart Capital of the World. It is a place where around 50,000 golf carts – many of them custom made – rule. The whole community was designed with 90 miles of golf cart paths – to reach any destination inside this popular retired-people neighborhood.

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All the hospitals, shopping centers and diners – everything is accessible by golf carts that are street and golf course legal. Some custom options for the golf carts are: big stereo system, air conditioning – and even golf course GPS.

But check out The Villages and their residents’ custom golf carts for yourself by watching the video below:

The VILLAGES Fl – Town of Custom Golf Carts 5-22-11 CBS Sunday Morning

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gary - June 10, 2011

It’s a great community and great video! You can move to The Villages and never have to worry about driving your car again! What a great way to save money on gas! Just use your trusty golf cart for everything. No need to worry about the high cost of gas!!
With over 90 miles of cart paths and more being built it’s truly an amazing place to live or visit.

Virginia Wescott - August 7, 2011

I would like to know more about The Villages. We are thinking about moving to Flordia and would like to check out all our options.

    Daria - August 7, 2011

    I know people who live in the Villages and will ask if someone would be willing to talk to you so you can get the first-hand answers to your questions. However, there are plenty of beautiful golf communities around Florida. I’d think the first thing to decide about would be – how far down south you’d like to live. If you enjoy the Florida beaches – Villages is not your best location. If you care to get the most for your money – and live about an hour drive from the nearest great beach, Hernando County would be the place to look around. To name just a couple from that area (Brooksville/Spring Hill): Silverthorn and Glen Lakes are among the more prestigious ones. If the closeness of the beaches is a high priority, however, you’d have to go further south: Clearwater, St. Pete, Tampa – or even Bradenton/Sarasota area – which is absolutely beautiful. I hope that helps a little bit.

Sandy Johnson - January 28, 2012

Someone sent me the video of the program CBS aired. We loved the golf carts and the village idea. Although I could never get my husband to move, it sure would be neat to see. My husband owns two golf carts and has asked the people around here about putting a bigger engine in it, but they say it is not possible, here I see that it is, there was a Tony (could not get last name) in the artical, would it be possible for you to put me in contact with this person. Thank You Sandy Johnson

    Daria - January 29, 2012

    Sorry Sandy,
    I didn’t take that video so I have no idea how to get in touch with those people.

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