Time of appreciation

Yellow Florida Wildflowers - Photo: Daria

Yellow Florida Wildflowers - Photo: Daria

There are special times in our lives when we feel uplifted and happy for no apparent reason. For some people Christmas time works magic like that, for others another holiday. Lots of people in Slovenia still celebrate their name day more than they birth day and they make that a very happy occasion. And for me personally, every new day is a (holy)day – and certain ones are extra special. It happens when I receive a positive feedback from another person that makes me realize I’m doing something right…

Time for gifts

Today is a very special day for me. I received three packages and they were all totally unexpected gifts. I was speechless and in awe before I even opened the last box – in which I found a card, saying, “Daria, For all you do – This one’s for you! Happy Easter – Happy Birthday…” It brought tears to my eyes. Whatever it is that I do, it looks like there are some people out there that appreciate it.

Thank you for the music

Appreciating all the bands

It is nice to be appreciated but I guess it all starts with feeling thankful first. I might be a little biased but I have an enormous appreciation for bands and musicians that play my favorite kind of happy, energizing music. It must be because finding events featuring Slovenian or Cleveland-Style music made me feel more at home in this country than anything else…

So, when booking the bands, I talk to all the bandleaders with respect and when they play at our hall I try to make sure they know they are welcome and appreciated. That approach resulted in some heartwarming responses from the band leaders:

… You folks certainly treated us so well! Believe me – we sure appreciate it…
Stan Simms
Nu Soundz Orchestra

Hello Daria:
Thanks for all of the hospitality shown to my wife, Margaret and the other wives who were in attendance at the final dance of the season on the 25th. As usual, the ladies in the kitchen were smiling, as were the rest of your helpers, all of which makes for a good time, especially for the band. God Bless, and The Good Lord willing, we’ll be
on the agenda in 2013.
Virgil & Margaret Baker

Appreciation for the jammers

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