Greetings from Hudson, FL

So – I am sitting on the beach in Hudson, FL – and these words s just keep coming. I can hardly type fast enough… It feels very relaxing to spend some time on the beach – and even more so – to be able to do some work from here.

Hudson Beach, Florida

Hudson Beach, Florida


The day is nice, the temperature pleasant, it’s partly cloudy – with pleasant breeze from the ocean. Not too many people around today. I didn’t know that the bar on the beach with live music is closed on Mondays. I guess I’ve never been here on Monday before.

Hudson Beach on partly cloudy day

Hudson Beach on partly cloudy day


Hudson Beach is the place I keep visiting, even though it’s not your usual beach. But it offers a nice area to walk along the sea, several pavilions with plenty of seating, swings, a bar with good food and live music – and more. I come here to relax, to watch the boats going in and out of the nearby marina, sometimes to work and also – to daydream.

A boat coming from the Hudson Beach Marina

A boat coming from the Hudson Beach Marina


There are also some nice houses around. Most of them look like they are empty, however. I like the Mediterranean-style buildings with shaded balconies that allow beautiful views of the area. And today, I see more sailboats than usually. I guess the winds must be perfect for sailing.

Hudson Beach, FL

Hudson Beach, FL


With that said – and my temporary office described – let me just give you some fun places to visit – whenever the weather or some other circumstances are unsuitable for you to enjoy the outdoors. Click on any link below, they all open a new window so you can easily come back to this page.

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  3. Famous Polka Dancers and Musicians – click here – This is an old blog of mine and I have to admit I’ve been neglecting it for about two years. Just recently, though, I spent a few hours to finish the complete reconstruction of this website  – and since doing my best to add a new video every day.
    There are more than 100 videos on this website. To watch them all, keep scrolling to the bottom of the page and then click “older posts” link.
    Another option is to select from the list of posts/bands/genres in the right-hand side menu. Click on the link and you can watch and listen to your favorite ensemble. If you can’t find it there yet, please let me know and I’ll include it some time soon.

That’s all for today. Until next time, I’ll be working on more things to share with you some time soon.

Please share your ideas and suggestions – any kind of feedback in the comments below – and have loads of fun!

Oh, and – remember to…

(¨`·.·´¨) Always
  `·.¸(¨`·.·´¨) Keep
(¨`·.·´¨)¸.·´ Smiling!


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Most of all Daria enjoys creating, designing, taking photos of, writing about and sharing all the beautiful, cheerful things and moments. She finds them everywhere she goes. And tons of fun people, too!

richard miller live oak - July 29, 2011

DAR…. great news and your pictures are Zuper ! thanks …..
glad you had a good time up north… but good to have you back in florida !
i hope to make it down the next season. we have some friends that will want to go also. they do not know polka music but are gonna be surprised at the fun… i’m trying to teach him some accordion, but they are in west palm
and we will meet at the club and park the rv’s out back and , of course make a contribution as we talked before… the videos and all ,,, i keep and watch them and i say thanks again for all your efforts! … take care ………………….. R

    Daria - July 29, 2011

    Look forward to seeing you around, Richard! And bring as many friends as possible… 🙂

Catherine - July 29, 2011

Hudson Beach is a favorite of mine also. It is near my mobile home. Matt and I go to Inn On The Gulf for dinner often. It was nice to see it again. Thank you.

    Daria - July 29, 2011

    Which reminds me – I’ve never been to the Inn On The Gulf – not even for a drink! Maybe it’s time for me to do something about that – what do you think?

    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed my Hudson Beach photos. They are not the best quality since they were taken with my cell phone. But the day was so perfect that I couldn’t resist… 🙂

Grace Doerk - July 30, 2011

I really enjoyed your pictures of Hudson Beach. It appears to be so peaceful. I marvel at your love of life and nature. You are an inspiration to others. Love Grace

Anne C Gombocs - July 31, 2011

I enjoy all your blogs. was nice seeing you at Enon Valley. Keep up the good work.


    Daria - July 31, 2011

    Thank you, Anne, it was good seeing you at the Slovenefest also. And – I appreciate you browsing around my posts! 🙂

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