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One more reminder before all the activities at the Suncoast SNPJ Lodge 778 in Spring Hill, Florida, completely shut down.

In the next couple of months all the clubs around here will cease all their activities: Slovenian, Polish, German – and probably others that I don’t even know about. The only one (I know of) – that keeps having its Saturday night dances year-round – is German Club in St. Pete. Maybe I’ll go some time just to see how many people will attend in mid summer.

Despite the fact that nothing has been going on at our Club for the last month, life is busy around here. Ever since my son decided to become an aeronautical engineer, he seriously studies math. Yesterday, on the way home from school, he started explaining to me some kind of a math problem that has never been proved or disproved. I listened carefully for a few minutes (except for that one year in college – I never liked math!) and then told Erik he was giving me a headache. He promptly replied that I was no fun… lol!

This afternoon we picked up the books for his summer college classes so he is going to be busy all summer long as well.

I’m working on some (writing) projects, most of the time pondering and researching ideas, letting them ripe in my mind and when ready, they kind of write themselves. The good news is – some results/responses I got recently from my writing were quite stunning – in the best meaning of the word.

Last week I was invited to dinner at Breda and Tony’s house. Breda cooked some very traditional Slovenian dishes – but my favorite was her beef soup with home made noodles. I can’t even describe how much I enjoyed it!

There were two other couples there and someone asked me a question about my (past) life. Before I was able to respond, Robert commented, “You can never get much information from Daria. All of her answers are very vague.”

Robert was right. There are things that I don’t talk about because I just don’t see the point of re-living all the tough times I’ve been through. I prefer to be focused on the bright side of life and I’ve been training myself into looking for something positive in everything that life throws my way.

However, I don’t know what Robert would think about me if he knew me a few years ago – when I really didn’t share anything about my personal life. Natasha described that side of me well once. When I still lived in Slovenia she was my very good friend – but we kind of grew apart later on.

Nowadays, I am sharing more and more of my thoughts and memories, but only from the point of the good born from challenges I had to overcome. Some time soon I’m going to start publishing a series of articles about the wonderful human beings I met on my path -those who affected my life in the most profound ways. They touched my heart and I will never forget them, regardless what the distance and time.

One of the very few people I once shared my life story with – told me that it should be used for a movie. Sorry, B. – I’m not ready to share that much yet!

Finally, here are today’s links for fun – right after the last reminder of the season 2010/2011:

  • If you’re a member of Suncoast SNPJ Lodge 778 in Spring Hill, please attend a regular meeting, scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 11 AM. We have to elect new officers and vote on some other choices in regards to the Lodge’s future.
  • There are some new posts on my personal blog – Daria’s World. If the articles on the home page are not displayed in its entirety, you can read them by clicking on the title or ‘Continue reading’ link:
  • I am about to add a few new music videos to the Slovenian-American Club website at:
  • And a few nice art pieces was featured at one of my newest sites, titled Eye Candy Arts:

I’ll say my good-byes today with the line, borrowed form Anica and Toni:


Much love,

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richard miller - May 3, 2011

Daria,,, you done good, one more time ! …. your son Eric, [?] should persue his aeronautical career… I am a retired aircraft inspector, was in Naval aviation ,
in flight research for NASA… and corporate aircraft and wouldn’t change my career for any other… I still inspect an aircraft once in awhile … can’t believe
that it is a summer season already… have a good summer … i might just pick up the box and make some noise. but a a little nip of polish vodka
sure would help …………………….. haha …………….. R

richard - May 3, 2011

O YES ! a good friend of mine,,, lot younger ,,, has his engineering, A&P technician rating and all his pilot ratings… worked with me for a long time… is now a captain, flying for Spirit Airlines … they like him because he knows his
aircraft and it’s systems… nothing gets by him … i wish your son the best ……R

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