Uplifting songs

What is uplifting music?

It seems to me that – like everything else – what uplifts me in the moment depends on my mood, on where I am at this point in my life, and where I am headed.

Photo “Music” – courtesy of Lindsey Collie

There are uplifting songs that make me wanna dance my feet away, at the dance in public, and others that I dance to when I am alone, in the privacy of my home. Dancing music has passion component that lifts me off my seat and somehow makes my body move with the rhythm of the song.

Video below: Passion Dance – Relaxing, Uplifting Music

There are uplifting songs that make me wanna close my eyes – so I can fully absorb and enjoy every tone of the song – and give all of my attention to it…

Video below: Love is ….. (music The Rose WestLife)

And then there’s another kind of uplifting songs that make my heart sing. They might be evergreens or classics, very well known and performed over and over – thousands of times before – by countless performers. But this time this old uplifting song became a new one, unlike anything I’ve never heard before. It became unique and different and mysteriously uplifting – because of the divine singing…

Video below: Il Divo – The Winner Takes It All (Va Todo Al Ganado)

However, no matter what kind of music feels uplifting to you, enjoy it and listen to it often… 🙂

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