What does the sunshine look like?

A little while ago I received an SMS message from my sister, saying, “The weather has been so miserable around here that I forgot what the sunshine looks like. Please send me some from Florida…”

In response I took my cell phone to my kitchen and took a picture there and then went outside to take another spring shot.

Then I sent my sister the following message with the following two photos:

The sunshine on my kitchen table looks like this…

Sunshine on my kitchen table

Sunshine on my kitchen table

… and the sunshine behind my house with the first spring wildflower blooms looks like this:

First wildflower blooming this spring

First wildflower blooming this spring

I hope that warmed her up a bit!

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Ruth - March 23, 2011

I love the photos with this post. She should be packing and on her way to Florida! At least she is warmed by these photos and I will send her amazing warm thoughts also.

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