November 17, 2018

2018 Christmas Party

2018 Christmas Party hosted by the German American Friendship Society of Pinellas County is happening for the 60th time in a row! This traditional event is open to the public - but please purchase tickets in advance.

More than ever, this year's Sunday Christmas Party will be a fun-filled afternoon for the whole family! Please bring your children and grandchildren. Santa will also be there, handing out gifts. 🙂

Date and time: Sunday, December 16, 2018 - from 12 noon to 5 PM.

Music: Manni Daum

Program: Santa, Dancing, Singing

Admission: $5 for adults, free for children

Please bring a dessert, a salad or a side dish. Let us know what you're bringing in advance - by signing on the 2018 Christmas Party sign-in sheet on any Saturday night between 6 PM to 11 PM.

There will be a sing-along of Christmas songs.

Getting ready for Christmas Party - Photo © 2007 Daria Perse

Some Interesting Facts about Christmas Traditions

The beginnings of Christmas celebration and various traditions are unclear and contradicting - but...

"Around the thirteenth century, Christians added one of the most pleasant touches of all to Christmas celebration when they began to sing Christmas carols.

No one is sure just when the Christmas tree came into the picture. It originated in Germany. The 8th century English missionary, St. Boniface, Apostle to Germany, is supposed to have held up the evergreen as a symbol of the everlasting Christ. By the end of the sixteenth century, Christmas trees were common in Germany. Some say Luther cut the first, took it home, and decked it with candles to represent the stars. When the German court came to England, the Christmas tree came with them.

Puritans forbade Christmas, considering it too pagan. Governor Bradford actually threatened New Englanders with work, jail or fines if they were caught observing Christmas.

In 1843, in Victorian England, Charles Dickens published his novelette "A Christmas Carol." It became one of the most popular short works of fiction ever penned. Although the book is more a work of sentiment than of Christianity, it captures something of the Christmas spirit. The tightfisted grump, Ebenezer Scrooge, who exclaimed "humbug!" at the mention of Christmas, is contrasted with generous merry-makers such as his nephew, Fred and with the struggling poor, symbolized by Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim. The book's appeal to good works and charitable contributions virtually defines Christmas in English-speaking lands."


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