April 14, 2011

About relationships

This morning I am feeling inspired to write down some thoughts about relationships. Not intimate relationships, just about relationships in general.

In my understanding – any interaction, connection or rendezvousing with another person or a group of people is a relationship. And a meaningful relationship (to me) is the kind in which I have something to contribute and I feel that from the response I get: People are interested in what I have to say – or they appreciate what I do.

Consequently, this kind of relationship – in which partners are contributing – is expanding and growing and keeps getting better and more enjoyable for everyone involved.
abstract relationships between social structures
Photo “abstract relationships between social structures” – courtesy of kickthecan

I was sick and in bed for a few days and today I finally feel better, and pretty sure that by Sunday afternoon I’m going to feel good enough to go to a birthday party I’ve been invited to a couple of months ago.

So I emailed Breda and Tony with some questions about the party – and only briefly mentioned me not feeling so well. A little bit later Breda called me with answers and also told me that I should not hesitate to ask them for help if I ever needed anything. That was very touching because they do live an hour drive away from my house and they only know me for a few months.

It’s one of those expressions of generosity that I haven’t been used to experience earlier in my life. Now I get this kind of kindness more and more often and I can’t even think of the words to describe how blessed that makes me feel. All I can say is, “Thank You,” over and over and over again…

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