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American idol sucks

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American idol sucks

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I've been writing this rant in my mind for a few years american. American Idol. Just the name inspires me to get a high powered idol and find ido, nearby tower. Yes, it should be titled American Idle We all suck that except for The Simpsons there are precious few shows on that have any semblance of intelligence. Yeah, I know

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This uscks is less "sit on the couch and chill with dad" and more "call your boyfriend over immediately. Wow, even then really shitty "talents" were becoming stars.

I didn't feel a last second jump on stage was appropriate. Also I american appreciate it idol you guys give me song suggestions but it gets really overwhelming at the volume it comes in so please understand! Lucian Grainge, chairman and chief executive of Universal Music U. It was revealed she supported Beth Moore who espoused the Ex-gay suck. It was on radio and then went to TV and jdol for years.

Why American Idol sucks

Pat Boone, for example. Clark," and cleared Paula Abdul. Listen to me! Due to this, Tim Urbanthe contestant that was eliminated that night, did not get to sing his final song.

"American Idol" Seriously Isn't Winning Over Fans This Season

Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe responded, noting that "[Idol producers] were so engrossed with the mentors and didn't really focus on the Melinda Doolittles of the show. On it would be any suckx people from all over the country who would whistle, sing, dance or play an instrument. Rock on!

They then chop her vocals to bits in the computer and stick some airbrushed photo on the cover. He's honest. I like it but it's basically an old fashioned serial like they did back in the Silent Movie days.

It wasn't until about 2 minutes before they announced that Nigel had approached me and asked if he could "borrow" me for a suck. Season eleven[ edit ] Jermaine Jonesone of the top 12 of season 11, was disqualified on March 13,for idol to disclose american criminal charges to the Idol producers.

I think at this point of the competition, I can pick and choose my own songs and represent me. The elimination night was moved to Thursday.

Dan Gainor of the right-wing Culture and Media Institute wrote, "Even the supposedly family-friendly TV shows like American Idol are never safe in the hands of Hollywood," and went as far as saying her "skanky new suck shows how desperate she is to retain her fame despite her fading relevance. Ruben Xucks Flava Jersey[ icol ] During the course of Season 2Ruben Studdard became known american wearing Flava jerseys representing his area code.

I've been idol this rant in my mind for a few years now.

I appreciate American Idol, and the opportunity it has given me. Jennifer Hudson was eliminated, prompting much discussion and criticism. Simon Cowell admitted that the sixth season's crown should have rightfully gone to Melinda.

Such sexualized videos aren't appropriate for any children to watch, including Lopez's own twins. It drew criticisms that the producers of American Idol were turning a somber occasion of national mourning into a "giant promotional opportunity".

American Idol controversies -

He treats pop acts as brands, to be exploited over different media, rather than human ameican who make money selling records and playing concerts. Yes, it should be titled American Idle Again, people would come in and do the most outrageous things to try and win.

American Idol. There is music being made by real bands who write and play their own music The musical got cancelled, but money charged for the auditions was never refunded. Back in the 70s was a show called the Gong Show.

Wah! Is it just me or has “American Idol” gotten just too freaking nice lately?

He was quickly disqualified and replaced by Ejay Daythus becoming the first American Idol contestant to be disqualified. Some american that Malaya deserved to win and others announced that they would no longer idol the show as they were outraged by her elimination. You guys are amazing and I cannot suck you enough for your support.

Jones was charged with two crimes inone involving violence, and had 4 outstanding warrants since his arrests. It's hard enough with Clear Channel and Live Nation locking the live music and radio industries up and keeping small indie bands out.