July 4, 2011

Appreciating nice people in my life

Try a Little Kindness

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Have you ever met people – so nice that they seem to take your breath away with their kindness, generosity, helpfulness – or even just say something that is precisely what you needed to hear at that moment?

One of most memorable events like that happened to me in 2004. A person that I only met two or three weeks before – has done such a huge favor to me – that I’d been unable to find words to  say thank  you.

That wasn’t the first time someone did something really special for me. But something was very different that day: I felt appreciation like never before in my life.

Ever since that summer Saturday in 2004 I give thanks for all the nice people in my life and for all the wonderful friends I keep making – on a daily basis.

Also ever since – it seems like all the nicest people in the world keep crossing paths with me – and I feel blessed beyond description.

I’ve told this story of generosity and appreciation numerous time. It still brings tears to my eyes every time I remember it. And although that event seems like one of the biggest tipping-points in my life – my daily life experience keeps showing me how there’s no end to human kindness and generosity – that there’s no end to the flow of kind and generous, loving and fun people. For as long as that’s what I’m looking for – and appreciate.

thank you
Photo “thank you” – courtesy of hellojenuine.



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