May 22, 2011


I felt like watching one of the popular music and guest shows on Slovenian national TV –Spet doma (Home Again) – and was pleasantly surprised with one of the guests – a newly discovered singer – Maja Pihler – Bilbi – whose very first song “Hvala za vijolice” (Thanks for the Violets) – became an over-night hit in Slovenia.

Just recently, Maja Pihler – Bilbi published her first CD which is also a huge success, ranking #3 bestselling Slovenian CD.

Anyway, “Hvala za vijolice” captured my attention when I first listened to it and I don’t really want to share how many times I’ve listened to the tune since… 🙂

Maja Pihler – Bilbi is this beautiful young lady with beautiful voice and the biggest smile ever. She lived and performed in musicals in Vienna and Berlin for a few years – before returning to Slovenia, where she is also an actress. Maja Pihler – Bilbi was born in Maribor.

Star #1 Lokacija 1
Photo of Bilbi – courtesy of Oblikovalnik


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